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Get Fit Contest

As we begin our journey into 2020, Crossroads Medical Group, PLLC has made a personal commitment to Health and Wellness.  We believe that Health and Wellness is not just for our patients and their care but that as Providers and employees of CMG, we should be committed as well.

Health and Wellness is related to social, emotional, spiritual, occupational and dietary factors.  CMG believes that if we remain active, many Health and Wellness concerns typically improve as well.

Crossroads Medical Group is currently doing a “Get Fit” contest for all of our employees and providers that are led by our wonderful physicians.  The Physicians of Crossroads Medical Group, love a little friendly competition.  Dr. Jordan and Dr. Jenkins are avid runners and Dr. Kindred is a cyclist. 

Crossroads Medical Group is competing for steps each and every day whether it is through running, cycling, swimming, aerobics or just stepping. They continue to move in the right direction with 90% participation and commitment from employees and providers.  The contest began January 1st of 2020 and will continue through the end of May 2020. 

You might ask how our physicians determined what employees would be on their team?  The answer would be that they took the fair approach and drew names.  Don’t let that fairness fool you, they are very competitive and are constantly trying to find the winning edge for their team.  Each participant’s steps are being tracked by a fitness tracker as well as an app to keep up with individual as well as team calculations.  

With approximately 10-15 employees on each physician’s team, the stepping has begun and the races are off to a great start.  You might see providers stepping while at their computers and employees walking on their lunch breaks whether inside or outside the office.  All teams have come up with a “team name” and each participant a nickname.  The competition is actually pretty fierce as the Physicians are just trying to get the “one up” on each other, the other employees and providers are constantly trying to stay a step above the rest.

CMG would love to hear which team nickname you think belongs to which physician’s team:

(Dr. Jordan, Dr. Kindred and Dr. Jenkins)

  • Red Hot Chili Steppers
  • Too Hot to Trot
  • Baby Got Track

Please comment with your votes!

We promise to send you regular updates on the Crossroads “Get Fit” contest.  We have to warn you that the winner changes from one minute to the next.

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