How To Have A Healthy Halloween

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How To Have A Healthy Halloween

Halloween is a fun day full of costumes, imagination and, of course, tons of candy. Don’t fear, your spooky soiree can be both fun and healthy with these five simple tips. Try some of these healthy tips that are so easy to implement, it’s scary!

1: Remember Balance

 Think in the grand scheme of things. Since Halloween is just one day a year, and its  it’s what kids eat every day that has the most impact on their nutrition and health.
Rather than making candy and sweets off-limits, serve health snacks first, followed by the sweet stuff later when the kids are already filled up on nutritious food. 

2: Make Your Own Healthier Treats

Halloween candy tends to by high in not only calories, but sugar and fat too. With no nutritional value, try to make your own treats that carry nutrition such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, or whole grains.

You can find some great healthy (and delicious) Halloween recipes right here to help get the process started!

3: Get Everyone Up And Moving

If you are hosting a Halloween party, make sure it isn’t all about the food. By planning fun activities and games to get everyone moving, you are providing a fun and easy way to exercise. 

4: Rethink The Drink

 It isn’t only candy that has the sugar content, it’s the drinks too! Instead of offering soda and sugar-sweetened beverages, offer water, unsweetened tea, 100% juice, or fat-free/low-fat milk. 

5: Limit Leftover Candy

When the Halloween fun is all over, encourage mindful enjoyment with the treats. Instead of binging on all candy in a short period of time, let each child keep enough candy to have one or two pieces a day for one or two weeks! The excitement will die off, we promise!
Have no feat this Halloween! You got this! Let’s all work together in making Halloween fun, spooky, and healthier!



Looking for more ways to live a healthier lifestyle? We recently added Courtney Eli, Registered Dietician to our team! Courtney works with patients toShe works with patients focusing on chronic disease management to help patients gain a better understanding of the ways proper diet and exercise can influence their lives and improve chronic disease symptoms.


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